About Sally

Here’s a little bit about me! I’m a mum to three now grown up boys and an NNEB Nursery Nurse. I started my photography business in 2005 whilst living in the US. My focus was family and childrens portraiture and I was lucky enough to work with an established local photographer there. Not many aspiring photographers get that opportunity, so I was incredibly fortunate that she set me off on the right track.

In 2007 I moved to Singapore and started using a studio rather than just location work, I loved that I had the opportunity to do both! It certainly meant I wasn’t restricted to first thing in the morning or golden hour!

In 2010 I moved back to the UK and decided I would specialize in Newborns. Newborn photography was a relatively new genre and to be honest I haven’t looked back, I trained in the UK and the US and really felt like I had found my niche. As some of you may be aware I also run www.babyprops.co.uk